A flexible 7k extender? I'm thinking about it (was: 7B92 with no repeating sweep)

John Griessen

On 10/17/21 15:17, Jeff Dutky wrote:
A flexible 7k extender? I'm thinking about it.
(actually I'm thinking about something a little more involved: a plug-in with both a pin connector for a flexible extension, and some indicators for 7k backplane health. I'm reading about 7k cal fixtures, and wondering if I can build some of that functionality in as well)
You'll want to talk to me about my experience selling 200+ of them, and about a man named Jerry Massengale, who made some rigid extenders from plugin cages, my connectors and pcb's and added the indicators and BNC jacks you are thinking of. The short version is, "This group is not a bunch of big spenders..."

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