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Referencing your post of 7/15/12 (below), it appears that adjustment may be dependent on a calibration fixture which I don't (yet) have. Is there a way to check/adjust that without that fixture?

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"Set calibration fixture to Step 100 Hz, time base about 2 ms/div. Then adjust R4465 (bottom Vert.Ampl. board) for minimum flutter of readout characters. Maybe this interacts slightly with R4453 so that pot might need some readjustment.
This is similar to the instructions for the (later S/N) 7904 where R749 has to be set that way (see BAMA manual).
To be sure this works also in the 7704A I checked this procedure a minute ago in my 7704A. In both 'scope types the effect is amazing."

Barry - N4BUQ

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I was hoping this might just be a calibration issue. No telling who has been
fiddling around with those controls before I got it. I'll have to investigate
Barry, just do a search here for "wavy" or "wavy readout". Albert

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