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No need to apologize! I have benefitted from your advice here many times and would not think you're trying to mislead anyone. I'm sure I could have given more information that would have helped you analyze the problems.

Since LOCKOUT may also be an issue, I started looking at TP436, TP434, TP432, and TP416. None of those have any activity on them. They're either stuck HI or LO but not other signal is present on those. I presume that's why LOCKOUT is holding off the sweep but I'm not sure yet.

Regarding the 741, unfortunately that hasn't made any difference. I'm seeing about -2915V as a maximum negative voltage. Something else must be going wrong but haven't done much other analysis on that yet. BTW, my scope is an earlier serial number and I think would have had the 670-1855-00 HV board; however, mine has a 670-1855-01 board in it. I presume that shouldn't matter and may even be a good thing but thought I'd mention it.

Thanks again for all your help.
Barry - N4BUQ

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I apologize for the mistake I made in the diagnostics. I went by the initial
statement and previous problems I had. Albert is is right about asking about
TP725. Thank you Albert about inquiring about this test point. Knowing that
first, I would have given a different answer.That having a small signal will
eliminate CR262 as a problem. The other two transistors being on will make it
appear the second CR to be bad. That may not be so. See if the switch is dirty
or something else is making these turn on. The second CR may still be good. I
have NO intentions of intentionally misleading anyone on this group.

Let us know if the new 741 in your 7704A makes a difference in the high voltage
once you get it installed. I have prayed you will get your 7704A and plugins
working to your satisfaction. I know you will be so happy having a working
scope and plugins. Please do not think I will ever knowingly mislead you or
anyone else on this group.


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