Re: word recognisers



I'm definitely in the "collectible compulsive" category. I've got a use case, but it's also more of a compulsion (building a 6809-based personal computer, decoding the display interface on a GRiDcase 3 laptop, working on a Varian 620f minicomputer, etc.). I've got a Sony/Tek 308 that works, a 7D01 that needs repair, and a non-Tek LA that passes all self-tests, so a Tek 1240/1241 would just be a (possibly more capable) toy on my bench.

I enjoy using vintage test equipment, but the LAs (other than the 7D01) don't feel vintage to me (I mean that they literally feel like a newer generation of equipment, in terms of the kinds of controls they use and how it physically feels to operate them), and I don't get the same kind of thrill from seeing the traces on the CRT that I do for a nice, analog scope.

-- Jeff Dutky

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