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Harvey White

Unlike some, I do use a logic analyzer, but it depends very much on the application.

I do FPGA design, so monitoring all those digital outputs is a task.  I also look at SPI, which needs fast.  I2C can be done with cheapies.  Neopixel hardware (and software) drivers produce a rather complex output, and my digital scopes don't really have enough storage, nor quite the triggering capabilities.

I've also built a CPLD that does I2C serial to parallel to use the state machine in the LA.

What generally is (more or less generation limited) would be the state machine use of multiple probes to analyze microprocessors, all the status lines, all the data and address lines drove the 100 channel plus logic analyzers.  If you're debugging hardware at that level, or multiple inputs to decode/subsystems, then you still need a multiple channel LA.  That said, how many do FPGA designs?  It's good to use the simulators, but simulators generally assume perfect signals (been there, didn't work, had to change the design).

Debugging display panel drivers is also something that an LA can do well.  Scopes only have so many channels, and unless digital, lack sufficient storage (and may still lack it).  A conventional analog storage scope (and I have one), has the same limitations. Most of the signals on flat panel displays are repetitive enough that storage may not be the problem.

Messing around with packet communications can use an LA, or a specific packet decoder (to be built......).

So I'd say it's what you're doing.  A mixed signal DSO generally doesn't seem to have enough channels for the digital, although 8 or 16 handles a bunch of things, as long as the interface doesn't drive you up a wall.

Scopes, 7904, 2430, 7104, TDS 540A  LA 16500B, 16702B, 1660.  I can make do with most of it, although some specific packet decoding is not a bad thing.


On 10/13/2021 1:09 PM, Roy Thistle wrote:
On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 03:57 PM, Harvey White wrote:

I happen to like HP logic analyzers,
Yes, I agree... and of course it's a preference thing... but HP LAs appeal to many here, while HP scopes lose out to Tek.
Lots of old HP LA holding down the basement floor everywhere... they're not tools most will ever need.... no good for modern work... and much better/cheaper solutions available for working on old logic.
HP Infiniums that turn up... you know, fished out a dumpster put up on that online site... are way overpriced... and IMO, just not that good.

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