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Roy Thistle

On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 04:51 PM, snapdiode wrote:

I would like a Tek 1240, but these are either in terrible condition or too
Well... it's hard to find one with the pods, and expansion modules... but they're usually in good shape cosmetically (they're 40 years old!)... and just the analyser (sans pods, modules) isn't much above 100USD... and sometimes you can pick one up for much less.
Even though some people ask a lot for old logic analysers, they don't go for very much... and turn up in a dumpster allot. Every business who used them... back in the day... paid an insane amount for them... but, they became obsolete very quickly (they were/are very generation specific tools.)
I'll bet... if people reading this are working for a business that used them... those old analysers are still holding down a closet floor somewhere... until they eventually get used to line the bottom of a dumpster.

Roy Thistle

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