Hi, I'm new!

George <mjman@...>

I just found out about this group and decided to join. I've got an
interesting collection of Tek scopes and other stuff, consisting of
three RM561As, a 551, a 181A time mark generator, a 106 square wave
generator, about 12 plugins, HP 523DR (tube frequency counter!), two
HP122ARs (HP tube scope), North Atlantic Phase Angle Voltmeter, Fluke
Differential Voltmeter, Kepco Power Supply, Waveforms
Oscillator/voltmeter, 4 radios, 2 TVs (tube, one color, one B/W), an
organ (Estey, 1961), Sherwood AM/FM tuner, Dynaco PAS-2, home made
tube amp. I have a few other pieces of test equipment that are
solid-state. Not looking so much to increase the size of my
collection, more interested in keeping it all working and sharing
ideas and stories with others.


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