Re: 7000 series parts hulks


Hi,you might get more interest if some of us knew where you were , I am interested in a 7603 but as with everything these days shipping cost is a nightmare and a determining factor in any purchase .
Brian (UK)

On Wednesday, 6 October 2021, 15:49:44 BST, Oz-in-DFW <> wrote:

There's been no interest in the 7603, 7613, and 7633 parts hulks.  The 7A11 and 7D14 are spoken for.  The 7A18s are still available.

I plan to strip them for metals.  The CRTs all appear to be in good shape, and some other parts like feet, handles, and power supplies will be available.  I'll list them separately.

Oz (in DFW) N1OZ

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