Re: HV Power Supply - 7704A - Neon Bulbs


Thanks, Mark. I searched for "8.2" instead of "8,2". I keep forgetting that. :-)

Barry - N4BUQ

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This is what I said: Mouser currently has 10, 12 and 18mfd 250V ULD in stock to
replace the 8,2mfd. If you decide to use the 18mfd, the additional capacitance
will not hurt. Replacing the two 100mfd for the graticule lights can be done
also. The 100mfd 16V of the same series are in stock. Your decoupling on the
vertical and horizontal boards may also be going bad. Those can be raised to
47mfd 25V in the ULD series for the 5V and 15V supplies. At the age of the
originals and being general purpose 85C types that would also be seen in
consumer grade products, replacement would be a good idea. The life of the
originals would be 2000-3000 hours.


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