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Hi Oz,

I'd be interested in the 7D14. Up until the pandemic, I was travelling very regularly to DFW. Too bad as I could have saved the shipping.

Barry - N4BUQ

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I have a 7603, 7613, and 7633 parts hulk. All are for sale for $20 plus
whatever shipping actually costs if you can't pickup in the DFW Area. I may
need to buy a box and bubble wrap.

The plug in bays are damaged beyond hope. Teh tubes and PS's look intact based
om my casual inspection. If there is interest I'll post detailed photos for
download off my site to keep the load off the group.

I also have 7000 plugins, also pars. at least a 7A11, 7A18, and 7D14, a test
plugin of some sort and what is basically a frame with few guts. Detailed
photos later in the week. $5-$15 depending on shape.
Oz (in DFW) N1OZ

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