7D14 Plugin


I'm in the process of troubleshooting my 7D14. As I received it, it will only count in free-run mode and gate operations do not work.

While troubleshooting, I found that U329 doesn't appear to be working properly. It appears the "1" output is working but the "0" output is stuck high. Functionally, this appears to be an SR flip-flop but the package is very odd (e.g. a large, round IC with a circular heatsink that appears to be held in place with a nylon ring that might be removeable with a spanner wrench, etc.).

Web search for that P/N hasn't revealed anything but the interesting part is that the pictures on the TekWiki page shows a different circuit board and different part for U329 than what I have (shows a DIP-packaged IC instead of the large round one in mine). Furthermore, picture of that board on the TekWiki page shows a P/N of 670-0993-00 but the pictures in the manual shows a P/N of 388-1825-00. Did Tek change the design or are the pictures on the TekWiki page for a different version of this counter?

Anyone know about this?

Barry - N4BUQ

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