Re: Horizontal Amplifier Right Side Fixed (maybe)


It's a 7704A. Sorry, I should've included that information.

Barry - N4BUQ

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Barry, is there any chance of you reminding us of what 'scope you are talking
Yes, I think they are Peltola connectors and were named after a Tek employee
(Ron Wayne Peltola).

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Yesterday, I noticed the absence of the right side signal on my horizontal board
not working again. I unplugged P4316 and when I reinserted it, I noticed the
problem stopped - until I pressed it all the way down into J4316, at which
point, the right side stopped again.

Presuming there might be trash in the tiny center hole and really not much of a
way to pick anything out of it due to the small diameter, I put a drop of
DeoxIT on it and worked a small gauge wire in that hole a few times. After
that, I could plug P4316 in all the way without loosing the right-side signal.

I notice there are remnants of what appear to be deteriorating rubber seals
around the various sockets on that board and I'm wondering if, perhaps, some of
that might have dislodged and fell into that small hole. At any rate, it held
for the rest of the time I was working on it but will be watching for that for
a while.

I also checked to make sure none of the shield wires were shorting to the inner
connector and that was clean.

BTW, what is the correct term for those connectors? I seem to recall seeing
them referred to by their "trade name" that begins with a "P" but I can't find
that now.

Barry - N4BUQ

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