Re: 7704A Vertical Amplifier Issues


I still think I may have shorted one of the output leads from U4413 to ground just before R4419 overheated. I'm still curious as to why the two long, output leads from U4413 are drawn out across and between the bottom of the board and the chassis on their way through the two insulated holes and then to the CRT. It seems like running those to a couple of pads on the board would have been cleaner and less prone to shorting but since those two leads are purposefully so much longer than the others, there must be a good reason. BTW, R4419 doesn't get warm enough to notice now. U4413 does get slightly warm but I think that's normal.

Barry - N4BUQ

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Congratulations Barry!
(Though I still don't understand how that 33R resistor could get burned when
U4413 is OK.)

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