Re: TEK 547 no trace


Hello Albert,

I tried the 1A1 (701433),I switched it on and after about 30 seconds (delay) I saw a (small) flash of light and I immediately switched it off,It happened to quick for met to see if it drew more power before I switched it off..
The next day I tried the 1A4 and it worked fine.. I was not yet brave enough to try the 1A1 again. I found no signs of burning..

About my description of the trace disappearing,yes I meant the intensity of the trace slowly decreased to zero, starting at the left side of the screen.

Switch S675 is on the 547 or on the input module?
V91 is also hard to find for me.

-Another question; I take it that my HT transformer is dipped in beeswax and not epoxy because my 547 is rather old judged by the serila number?
-Are there important updates that should be carried out?
regards and thanks,

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