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Helping out with the footprint was a huge help. My next step will be printing out a paper copy of the board and testing fitment in to the frame to check the connectors and physical dimensions. Then I will be on to working up a BOM. There has been interest in the board here so I do plan on releasing it once it has been tested and I have calibrated a scope with it. I am just hoping parts availability will not kill me on this one. Need to get the chips ordered.


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A huge thanks to Andy, Ke-Fong lin, and Holger for helping me get this
project off the ground and on to a PCB. Your assistance and input is
greatly appreciated and immeasurably helpful in getting the layout to this point.
I've not done much :)

I've taken a look at your board, 2 comments regarding the edge connector:

1) Maybe add a chamfer to edge connector. It will probably work without, but this will help insertion. A29 board features a round chamfer, 45 degree ("triangular") made with "edge cut" lines will do.

2) The footprint I've provided you, should have a 1.2mm bevel and it seems to be in you rev4 board. This is a bit JLCPCB specific. JLCPCB requires a 1.2mm if a 45 degree bevel is requested. If you do not plan about using JLCPCB and the bevel option, this is not needed. A29 board doesn't feature a 45 degree bevel.

This 2 pictures should made things clearer:

Also, double check the width of the margins.

Hope you can have a "first pass" success for your board :)

Best regards,

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