Re: 7704A (et. al.) Inverter Regulator Question


I just checked those with my component checker (without U3105 plugged in as I wasn't sure what effect that might have) and, yes, I have several bad tantalums so those will be replaced. Oddly, C3150 is bad (measures about 32pF). I really didn't expect that one and, to be honest, thought the smaller tantalums would have been okay. I was wrong.

I wish I'd realized all this when I had the board out. Some of those can be replaced without having to remove the board but some, particularly C3150, may not be possible.

This poor power supply has had a rough time of it...

Barry - N4BUQ

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Goran is right about that area. VR3147 being open will throw the circuit off.
C3127 and C3129 are marked ,1mfd. Some models use 1mfd in this place. I have
replaced mine with the 1mfd 63V film types because the ESR of the originals
was too high causing too much ripple and low B+. After replacing the parts,
the B+ voltages at the pins on the 0067 IC were correct. These parts can be
checked while the parts you have on order are being shipped. I also replaced
the 1 and 2mfd electrolytics on the inverter board with film types of a
higher voltage. The originals were bad in mine.


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