Re: "mottled effect" on anodized front panel


Hi everyone, thanks for your comments - @Roy Thistle, I agree - it's a mild staining which means that the panel is a bit "blotchy" where the finish varies from normal to a something a bit more matt/darker. I had a good look today and noticed that the same staining is present on both the 536 and also the T plugin, which presumably rules out a manufacturing defect. I tried again with soapy water to no avail, but will try the plastic polish if I can find some here - thanks for the tip. It's really odd - usually I would attribute this to poor storage conditions, but none of the other warning signs like rusted / corroded screws are present and even the original leatherette handle is in good shape with none of the usual corrosion signs on the metal structure. I'll try and get some photo's and post them tomorrow.


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