Re: Suggestion for our group Administrator

John Griessen

On 9/12/21 8:28 AM, Alex wrote:
I have no desire to operate this forum through multiple never ending stream of emails when I can simply and easily do it on this simple and easy to use web interface. I know opinions vary. Perhaps I am missing some advantage, but can't imagine why
Advantages of using an email reader:
sorting emails into buckets by list name
killing messages from certain senders and with certain subject words
ease of response to individuals off list.
search through your current set of incoming emails for keywords, (and maybe dump the rest).
use threaded setting to see subject lines and decide to read some subject threads without looking at the rest.

By using a few tools as above, dealing with the volume of posts is better time management than with the web interface, and the web interface has an annoying login required every so often, but email reader has logins automated in a secure way.

John Griessen
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