Re: Suggestion for our group Administrator

Tom Gardner

On 11/09/21 18:09, saipan59 (Pete) wrote:
My 'vote' is also to turn on editing, and to suggest (for those that care) to use digest e-mails so that you don't get many individuals per day.
I don't expect that post-editing will happen 'frequently' anyway. And it feels better than creating *another* post to correct a mistake.
Look at web forums where editing can happen, e.g. the (very good) EEVBlog forum.

A very significant number of posts are edited, some of them several times.

The best thing is to re-read what you wrote before sending it. That reduces the number of times you unnecessarily waste /other/ people's time.

Besides, editing a post is sometimes misused to re-write history. "Students of Soviet history know how difficult it is to foretell the past".

Use emails to their full advantage. Use web forums to their full advantage. Don't accept a race to the bottom of the lowest common denominator of features.

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