Re: Solder Flux Question

Greg Muir


It depend upon how well practiced you are in defluxing boards. After 51 years of dealing in electronics design, manufacturing and service and having to meet NASA and MIL soldering standards in my projects I feel that I have a reasonable grasp on the subject.

If you have some empirical examples of the characteristics of fluxes contained in solder itself (not simply flux products) and it’s behavior when subjected to moisture aside from my actual experience I would welcome seeing it.



On Mon, Sep 6, 2021 at 02:01 PM, Roy Thistle wrote:

hygroscopic rosin residue
They add stuff to "fluxes"... some of that might be hygroscopic.
Anyway... pure rosin flux... AFAIK is not hygroscopic... and the constituents are insoluble in water.


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