Re: Solder Flux Question

Greg Muir

“Way back when” I did communications for a local fire department. The techs took in radios for repair and one time started to get complaints from the field that the FM radios were intermittently breaking squelch when used. It only happened during the winter time so posed a unique problem.

It turned out that the techs were not cleaning the rosin residue from the boards after repair. During the winter some of the officers would grab a cold portable out of the truck and put it under their fire coat. Moisture vapor from their body would sneak into the radio and the hygroscopic rosin residue on the printed circuit boards would absorb the moisture and become conductive in the squelch circuit areas that usually were of somewhat higher resistances.

I always clean up after a solder operation no matter what. It’s simple to take a Q-Tip and dip it in the cleaner to do a quick clean job.


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