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I've tried some of those methods but, so far, no luck. I'll keep at it, though, and maybe I can get this hole cleared sufficiently to get the new part's lead through it.

Barry - N4BUQ

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I use a dental pick to form a hole when solder won't wick out. I suppose any
steel wire that doesn't stick to solder would work. I've even seen people
use wood tooth picks. Just get it hot and stick something in the hole large
enough so the new part lead will fit.Too much heat will delaminate the PCB.
Also have used PCB drills to drill out the solder but you have to be very
careful with multilayer boards. Frank, WA1GFZ
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I'm having a difficult time getting the solder off of one particularly
stubborn through-hole on one of the boards in the LVPS for my 7704A.  Since
there are large areas of copper on both sides, I can't seem to get
everything hot enough to get the solder to flow so that the solder-sucker
will extract it.  I think I can better do this with solder braid, working
from both sides individually; however, the braid I have seems to lack much,
if any, flux.  I'm looking to get some flux and am considering a paste like
MG Chemicals that uses an RA formula.  Should I be concerned that this type
of flux may be too aggressive?  I presume cleaning the board well with IPA
is sufficient but thought I'd ask since this type of flux does seem to fall
into the "more aggressive" category.

Barry - N4BUQ

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