Re: Somewhat OT- WTB tiny CRT scopes

Chris van Lint

I presume you are referring to scopes which do not have to be plugged into a main frame.  I have an SC501 in a one bay TM500 mainframe, which I think may be smaller than the 224?

Chris VK4CVL

On 4/09/2021 15:04, greenboxmaven via wrote:
I have all of the Tektronix CRT handheld scopes I am looking for except the 224. However, other companies made some small ones as well. I am looking for a Philips PM 3000 or PM 3010, and other comparable small screen small package CRT scopes. To go a little more OT, tiny CRT color TVs of three inches or less screen size are also of interest.  As usual for me, they need not be working, a bit of dirt is OK, but completeness is important. Thanks,

   Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

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