Re: Anyone interested a addon plugin that enable you to use 7000 plugins on modern digital scope

Bruce Atwood

What you need is a Tektronix 127 for 7000 series plugins. Don't look, it does not exist, I've never known why. Get a clapped out 7603 and use the vertical signal out to get a single channel. For two or more channels you will have to roll your own but the schematic for the 7603 will tell you how (see board 6 "output signals"). Note that the 7000 series interface to the plugins is much simpler is you don't need the readout. It can be a connector from a PC XT (just the connector) and a few power supplies in that you don't need all the trigger selector, chopping/alt logic. Bonne chance and keep us posted. For many years I kept a 7904 in my university lab to power two 7A22 plugins feeding my TDS744. From good advise on this site I now have 7A22s in my own 7603 but there are times when I'd like the processing of a modern digital scope.

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