Re: 606B X-Y display jitter

saipan59 (Pete)

Perhaps my final update(???):
It might be fixed now - it's been running perfect for a few minutes so far. I did this:
- Wiggled all the various connectors inside the 606B, including the deflection plate pins.
- Re-flowed the solder on a couple of the multi-pin board-to-board connectors, in case there was a cracked joint. Especially the connections related to X/Y positioning.
- Replaced the two pots for X and Y gain (the ones that are accessed through holes in the front panel). Someone had locked them down with epoxy - who knows if the glue got inside? I replaced them both with small trim-pots. No longer accessible from the front, but that's OK. Set them to mid-point. They are apparently a 'fine-tune' gain adjustment - there are two more pots on the PCB inside that are a more 'coarse' adjustment, and they are much more useful (for me).
- Dripped lighter fluid into the X and Y position pots, in case they were flakey inside.


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