Re: 606B X-Y display jitter

saipan59 (Pete)

Thanks folks, for your comments!
I thought that I had already proven to myself that it was a display problem, not the other electronics, based on firmware experiments.

But it seems that I was wrong...
At the moment, I can no longer reproduce it.

The "jitter" seems like it may have been related to the digital side of the DACs (the MPU data bus is connected directly to the DAC chips). Based on the amplitude of the jitter, I thought that maybe bit 3 or bit 4 on the data bus was flakey going into the DACs. This morning I re-flowed some solder joints and fiddled with a socketed chip on the MPU board. As I sit here, I'm not seeing a problem any more.
Need to test more, especially since it seemed to be temp-sensitive before.


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