Re: A scope for sale in Massachusetts



Wow, that is a tight call from such a dark picture. I had a look at the TekWiki page, and while you are obviously right, I would have had a very hard time figuring that out. I'm not at all surprised, however, that the scope is being misrepresented by the seller, given the quality of the rest of the presentation.

So, regardless of the current value or utility of this scope (which are separate things), I'm puzzled about what the original target market and use for these scopes was. My point of view on these matters is admittedly limited, both by my relative youth, and by the applications to which I have been exposed, but I don't understand why you would build a scope that directly drives the deflection plates when the bandwidth is so low, even for 1962. Was (is?) there really a use case for a scope with only 10 MHz bandwidth and dual delayed time bases when you could have had a 30, 50, or 100 Mhz scope?

-- Jeff Dutky

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