Re: Tektronix 570 Curve Tracer



I read your posts about using the Metrix with a 576, got me thinking about trying the same thing with my New London 901A Transconductance Analyzer. Seems to be similar to your Metrix, all connections are through jumpered binding posts.

It worked perfectly.

The unit has 4 DC power supplies Plate and screen 0-300V up to 150mA, Grid and Supressor 0 to +3V and 0 to -150V. Filament supply 0 to 3VDC and 0 to 150VAC

It measures Transconductance directly on 5 scales up to 50,000micromhos

Like your Metrix it weighs more than the 576 and takes up almost 2' square of bench space. I wish I had thought of this before I spent the money and time on my custom unit.


See Early TV at:

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