Re: Another solution for the 547 HV transformer problem

David Kuhn

I saw your post on Facebook; great job. Question: Are 535 transformers
easy to get? I would imagine the 535 still around have been fixed up and
restored. The 547 is a better scope than a 535, so to sacrifice on to save
a 547 may be acceptable, I donno???

On Wed, Aug 25, 2021 at 12:49 AM Morris Odell <> wrote:

A friend of mine named Deon Vandenberg recently acquired a 547 scope and
as expected, the HV transformer had the classic thermal runaway problem.
The only cure for this is to replace or rewind the transformer and as Chuck
Harris is not currently providing this service, we had to find an
alternative solution. I say "we" because although Deon lives over 1000
miles away from me (Australia is a big country!) we we were able to
collaborate by internet and phone.

Deon has managed to modify a transformer from another junked scope to
provide virtually identical function to the original and the 547 is now
working perfectly. He has kindly consented for me to upload his description
of what he did in the hope that it will help others.

If you're interested, I have uploaded a word file to the "547 hv
transformer" folder in the files section.

Comments welcome!


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