Re: Type M Cracked Channel Position Pots



after reading through the wiki page on Delrin I doubt that the solvent I have will work, but I'd still like to give it a try, in case the plastic is something other the POM.

I'm wondering if my original plan to epoxy the parts might still work, not by epoxying the broken parts together at the cracks, but by potting the entire part in a shell of epoxy. I could add plugs to the shaft and set screw holes to keep them from filling with epoxy, and hope that the epoxy itself is strong enough to hold the piece together. Alternately I could reinforce the piece with a ring of bus wire before potting it, which would relieve the epoxy of most or all of the stress from the tightened set screw.

Finally, I wonder if the pots can be disassembled, and new caps constructed of some other material.

-- Jeff Dutky

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