Tek 7103 found at auction in NM

John Griessen

On 8/22/21 1:09 PM, Clark Foley wrote:
I am not surprised that you found that unit in New Mexico. It was likely the property of Sandia National Labs or Los Alamos National Labs. The nuclear testing facilities in Nevada hosted many contractors such as EG&G and national lab personnel for conducting destructive transient measurements.
Yes, this had EG&G cal tags. Not sure if Sandia or Los Alamos origin though. The stuff comes form multiple companies wanting it off their books, some comes in oversize cardboard containers bigger than washing machine size, piled with microscopes and boxes and ??. Then Bentley Auction folks go through and photograph it for online only auctioning.

There were about 10 tons of env. chambers that disappeared between 7PM auction close and 2PM the next day when I picked up the 7103 scope -- some serious heavy buyers here in ABQ. Some of the old chambers with obsolete refrigerant may have gone to the scrap metal heap. Some nice controlled ovens got end user prices -- I missed out on a 575 deg F one with 40 step sequence ramp temp. controller.

The sticker on an Olympus BH microscope I won said US DOE contract xxxyyyxxx 1972 on a paper sticker that was done with a Selectric...

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