Re: Tektronix 570 Curve Tracer


Hello Dave,

I have had some 50 different tube testers in my collection. People sometimes think a curve tracer is useful for tube testing, but a curve tracer is not a tube tester. When the tube is definitely bad you will see that from the curves, but for the rest, Gm, gain, Ra, the use condition, and typical defects such as grid leakage, heater to cathode leakage, these things don't reflect in an optical way from the curves. But of course, it is great fun looking at tube curves, or curves of many other parts as well. For tube testing, VCM163 is one of the very finest testers ever made, and in the UK, you probably find one locally. I wanted to get a 570 myself too, these are so rare, you either pay 4000 Euro for a good one, or any lower price for one which you may end up having to restore it completely. But I do not want to repair other people's junk and mess any more. So I went for the 576, which can be found in good quality. These can do the same and a lot more, just it doesn't have a heater power supply and no G2 Voltage. I can do without G2, just test pentodes in triode mode. And if it becomes crucial to use G2, I can still take an external power supply. 576 can test at MUCH higher anode voltage than 570. I choose for the 576 because of the semi-digital read out. But 576 has really insane weight. For lifting it from the floor on the bench, you can not do this on your own. So at it's lighter weight, 577 is probably also a good one. But I can only speak for the 576, and I never regretted buying it. Here is a link to my 576:

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