Re: Wanted: 5000 series extender(s)

Jim Ford

Uh, high speed signals in a 5000 series scope? Well, maybe I'm thinking of the 5100 series, topping out at about 1-2 MHz. Great for audio and other low-frequency use.

I suppose the 5400 series goes up to 60 MHz, so you might want to use coax in your extender.

Jim Ford

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I should clarify. This can happen if you use the the pcb that plugs into
the mainframe on a TM500, when you simply use the JAMMA extender as
bought, or when you would use it in a 5000 series scope (as per the OP.)

For the 5000 series scope, I would expect that:

1. The high speed signals would use coax (not present on JAMMA cables), so
you are likely to make a new cable harness.
2. Almost all the pins are used, unlike the TM500, that really leaves the
top pins uncommitted (until someone commits them.)

I was simply warning against buying the kind of JAMMA extenders that shorts
a bunch of pins out, that is all. As others have pointed out, it isn’t
fatal, and can be fixed, but I recommend taking the effort to avoid that
(and the resulting FR4 dust.)

On Sat, Aug 21, 2021 at 15:24 Vince Vielhaber <> wrote:

On 08/21/2021 09:09 AM, Andy Warner wrote:
> Watch out - some of the JAMMA extender cards have single copper pours
> spanning multiple connector locations, where the power rails are in the
> arcade game use case. For TM500 use, I don’t care, and just make sure
> align with the upper part of the slot, where the mainframe pins are
> uncommitted.

Be careful there. I did the same thing and one module was using a
couple of those pins and the tops blew off of a few ICs.

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