Re: connectors M, F for 5xx series plugin extender cable

Jonathan Pyle

I used the following eBay search terms:

26-159-16 (for the male connector)
26-190-16 (for the female connector)

I am also planning on making an extender cable, but I was wondering about the cable itself.

Is it safe to use a regular multi-conductor cable? With potentials as high as 500V (between -150V and 350V), it seems to me that it might be a problem to use an ordinary cable (e.g., cutting up a VGA cable). Maybe it would be ok if I ensured the -150V connector wasn't adjacent to the 350V connector in the bundle (if that is possible). I tried looking for cable rated at 500V on Mouser and Digikey but it seems hard to find or prohibitively expensive.

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