Re: More interesting Stuff posted, plus Forest Fire


Hi Walter , I wouldnt wish that on anyone . I wish you good luckĀ 

On Monday, 16 August 2021, 18:45:48 BST, walter shawlee <> wrote:

Lots of interesting bits posted to the Stuff Page today, including hand tools, eprom programmers and
fascinating $1 parts deals, haveĀ  a look here if you need a break from real life:

The bad news is that a large fire is burning just a few miles from us, we won't get much notice if we have to go,
so if we drop off line, that's what happened. you can see the fire map here, we are the blue tag (might not be visible to you).

we are right between the fire and the lake in west kelowna. hopefully the wind is blowing away from us, but hard to tell.
all the best,
sphere research corp.

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