Re: What was 156-0102-00 used in?

Dave Wise

Thank you, Håkan - you are an encyclopedic asset to this group.

So they were actually used! All these years I have misunderstood what the STATUS column means in the Common Design Parts Catalog. So “DL” (Deleted) is both parts that never got into a product *and* parts used in long-discontinued products… do I have it right?

Dave Wise
Information Display, Terminals & Displays, 1980-1995

And I was so close. I pored over parts lists for the 4025, 4023, 4014, 4006, and T4002, but did not try the 4002A. It was before my time and AFAIK I never saw one.
I will go back to the Northwest Vintage Radio Society member who has them, and tell him where they go.


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What instrument used this
All three were used in 4002A only.


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