Re: More hard to find Tek parts, and a great EPROM programmer


My experiences with Sphere have been like the others who report good
experiences. I have bought slide rules as well as electronics. Shipping has
gotten very expensive, though I have discovered that you can save shipping
costs if you have an account with the shipper - particularly FedEx. I
shipped two large (two boxes about 20” cubes) with microscopes in them. Yes
- I overpack them having received broken microscopes because shippers did
not know how to pack them. Anyway, the recipient said to use his FedEx
account because it would save on shipping. Did it ever. I have shipped
boxes like that about the same distance and having the same weight and paid
well over $200 for both. The cost to the recipient for these two? $38. Now,
the pricing may depend on your shipping volume, but this was an account
number for a university. Personal accounts may not save you quite so much.
I’ve set up an account for myself and have a couple of more microscopes to
ship, so I’ll report back on how much it costs/saves.

I usually factor shipping cost in when purchasing something. I had an
unusual experience with an eBay seller. He offered to sell me the HP
counter I had looked at for $1.00 plus shipping. He is in Canada. He knew
what the shipping cost would be, but at a price of $1.00 for the item - no
customs. The shipping wound up being about $120, but $121 for that counter
was a good price. Even if he only got $1.00 for it, he got it out of his
“inventory” so I guess it was worth it to him. It was also one of the
best-packed pieces of test equipment I have received (noting that Sphere
does a great job also).

Steve H.

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Sad to report otherwise! The only time I got a part, it cost me over the
value of the part for shipping and tracking. It was guaranteed to be
working but it did not. My email went unanswered. It just must be a one-off
A subsequent quote had to be rejected due to the ridiculous shipping
charges. There is still a part I would love to buy but I am sure it will be
another ridiculous shipping cost. So, it is a no go at the moment.
Sphere seems to be a great source for old TEK parts but as most people
have experienced, Canada Post seems like a money making machine for the
Canadian government, unlike the USPS.
My experience should not deter others but it was just that: A bad

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