Re: More hard to find Tek parts, and a great EPROM programmer

Paul Amaranth

First let me say that anything I've received from Walter has been fantastic.

However, I'm not so happy with the Canadian postal service. A couple months
ago I got some "free" Tek manuals from a member and shipping those came to
$40. Media mail in the US would have been around 10 or so.

Whenever Walter posts his sale notices I wish that either he was closer
to Toronto or I was in driving distance of BC. Then I look around and
realize I have more than enough stuff to keep me busy :-)


On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 05:48:39AM -0700, Michael W. Lynch via wrote:
I recently received a pair of HP power supplies from Walter. The shipping, even on these heavy items, was reasonable and less that most E-Bay sellers charge from the USA. There were not any customs charges or import duties on this shipment. In fact, I do not recall any such charge on any of my Sphere Research orders?

Perhaps I have been lucky or the charges were included in the price of the item? I can say that the quality of the items offered for sale and the service is exceptional from Sphere.

Based on my past experiences, your results may vary. .

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

Paul Amaranth, GCIH | Manchester MI, USA
Aurora Group of Michigan, LLC | Security, Systems & Software
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