Re: Recreating an old board for the 7854

Paul Amaranth

Quite a while ago i wrote a script that would generate edge connector footprints for gEda
mostly because anytime I have to do something more than 3 times I automate it. You
could generate an entire library in a couple minutes.


On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 07:29:10PM -0700, Jeff Dutky wrote:
I would like to second Harvey's recommendation of the manual step and repeat process. I've used this process successfully to make card edge connectors in EasyEDA (the free PCB layout package used by JLCPCB) and it was easy and quick. I do one or two spacing verifications along the way, which helps prevent having to go through the whole connector and fix a bunch of slightly off-center pads.

I'm certainly comfortable writing scripts, I just haven't bothered to figure out if EasyEDA has any scriptability, and I've been able to make relatively large, regular, repeating structures without much trouble.

-- Jeff Dutky
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