Re: Tek Scopes found in old picture book

John Atwood

The upside-down black and aluminum cylinders look like British 9-pin loctal tubes, or more correctly, valves. The shorter aluminum ones are likely the famous EF50 <> (also called a VR. 91 or 10E/92b). Most EF50s are red, but I have some military surplus ones that have clear aluminum cans. The longer black ones are likely the Mullard EF55 (also called CV 173). The assemblies in the photo could be parts of an early post-war computer, but due to the lack of triodes are more likely radiation counters or the like.

Due to the moderately recent Tek scopes (475?) and PC clones in the picture, this has to be a vintage restoration project. BTW, I count six Tek scopes in the picture.

- John Atwood

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