Re: DM 501A Mode Select Switches Issue

Jared Cabot

Here's an article on repairing and servicing these push button switches I just uploaded.
I have serviced a tone of these in my TM500 modules and with a little care, it's relatively easy to do, most often you don't even need to remove them from the PCB.

To clean them, I disassemble the switch, clean all the parts with isopropyl alcohol and a small paint brush/Kimwipes (Using a q-tip to scrub inside the switch body), then I use a new q-tip to apply Deoxit red inside the switch body along with some Deoxit on the spring contacts that sit in the central plunger, then finally a reaallllyyy thin smear of plastic safe lithium grease on the plunger and reassemble. I find holding the spring contacts in place in their recesses on the plunger and inserting the whole assembly into the switch body from the rear is the easiest way.
With a little practice, you'll get the feel for it.


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