Re: in-circuit capacitor testing (ESR tester) -- ideas appreciated.

Paul Amaranth

Everything you ever wanted to know about ESR and various designs:

I built one of those designs and it was very helpful. There's also an ESR adapter for your dmm on the eevblog. That one is also on that site

There's a link on that page to the original discussion.

These things are so easy to build it's almost not worth buying something. And for testing, having 0.01 ohm resolution is worthless.


On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 06:35:44AM -0700, Ronan wrote:
Hello again,

My main thread is " 2712 SA with display (and normalization) issues".

Due to the large number of electrolytic caps this SA has, I wonder if anyone can recommend a (not too costly) in-circuit ESR capacitor tester I could use to narrow down problem caps that otherwise show no obvious signs of failure (i.e. leaking, exploded).

I've seen the tweezer-type LRC testers, and they might work for in-circuit SMD capacitor testing, however, thought I'd run this by everyone first, since I have no experience with such in-circuit cap testing/testers.

Creating a new Topic, since this is a generic question.

Thanks in advance,
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