Re: Looking for data on 9-pin Vacuum time delay relays used in old Tek-scopes

Morris Odell

A few years ago the time delay relay in my 555 died and lacking a replacement I had to cobble up a substitute. I repurposed an old device I had made to trigger a super 8 movie camera (remember them?) for time lapse. That device was designed to work form a 9 volt battery. I started by rectifying the 6.3 volt supply for the time delay relay using a half wave voltage doubler with the input capacitor deliberately kept to a small value to allow the output voltage across the storage cap to rise slowly. When it got to a suitable level it triggered a SCR through a zener diode to discharge the output cap through the coil of a little relay to close the main scope relay. Once the scope relay pulls in the 6.3 supply is disconnected from the voltage doubler. A reverse biased diode from the storage cap to the +100 volt line removes any residual charge as soon as the scope is switched off so the time delay will function properly next time it's switched on.

There's plenty of room in the 555 power supply for small proto board with the circuit on it. All the parts were in my junque box so the whole thing cost nothing and provided a bit of fun.

In retrospect it would have been even simpler to slowly charge a cap from the raw +100 supply which is about +165 volts according to the manual, and use that to trigger the SCR..


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