Re: ++Processor error on TDS 754D on startup


Thanks for the information. The reason that I was asking is that I have been working on a replacement for the battery backed SRAMs. I currently have an 8Kx8 board design that I am testing. It does not support timekeeping right now. B
ackup power is supplied by a socketed coin cell on top of the board.

I looked at the two part numbers you supplied, the DS1486 has RAM and a clock on board, and is obsolete with 0 stock at Mouser. The DS1250Y is a 512Kx8 SRAM which would be more approachable for a homebrew fix, but they are still available with Mouser having them in stock. They are expensive though.

On the boards that I am working on, they are using the DIP package. I have been looking at adding timekeeping to my design, but that is going to get a lot more complex, as it will require an FPGA to allow formatting the data to emulate the various module part numbers. Also, 5V tolerant FPGAs are getting scarce.

Good Luck with your 754D, those are nice scopes!

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