Re: What's another good plugin to get for a 544 with 1A1?

Sean Turner


There's also the Type 1A2 that is roughly the same thing as a Type CA in terms of functionality (quite a bit wider bandwidth though). I have one that came with my Type 547 estate sale find, and I'm really not using it much. Would consider a trade for other stuff. :o)


On Sat, Jul 17, 2021 at 04:21 PM, John Griessen wrote:

lucked onto a 544 advertised in the Santa Fe craigslist.
The 1A1 seems good for most use cases. mine is "The third model, from ???
until the end has four-sided V/cm knobs and a FET front-end."

1A4 seems good for emulating Jim Williams with lots of traces displayed...

1A5 seems like a fine one, and can use the P6046 diff probes, (but I'd have to
do the cal for P6046, which is long and detailed, and I have P6046's already
matched to amps that stay together and work in any scope.)

1A7A would be nice -- same features as 7A22, more sensitive than the 1A1...

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