Re: Tektronix RAMS (Surplus) Store - Odd hours?

Daniel Koller

Hey, just out of curiosity, what sorts of things does one find these days at the RAMS store? 
 Any vacuum tube stuff that someone dug up from storage, or retirees offices? 
What are the prices like?
Is there a web page so one can see what it looks like in there?
  These are not just idle questions.  My wife and I are seriously considering visiting some family in the Portland area, but unfortunately, in August, not after Sept. 1.  On the other hand, that's a good thing.  I should not be allowed in surplus stores, flea markets, or junk yards. (The catch is they are my wife's relatives, so if I bring anything home, I will not be visiting Portland any more).

On Friday, July 16, 2021, 12:53:15 AM EDT, Magic_Smoke <> wrote:

I got to answer my own question today, it's the 3rd Thursday of the month and I had the day off so I swung by. I found a sign next to the door that reads:
RAMS Country Store is currently closed due to COVID-19
Please check back September 1, 2021

Very exciting! I'm really looking forward to this bit of normalcy returning.

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