Re: [HP-Agilent-Keysight-equipment] OT: Looking for a Pentium M765 (or maybe M780 - not sure it that will work)


This might be a dumb question, but why not get a different motherboard?

On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 6:46 PM David C. Partridge
<> wrote:

I have a scope (not Tektronix or HP/K/A) that uses the BCM MX855 mobo with a
1.3 Celeron.

I'd like to give a late life performance boost and an told a Pentium M765
will do the job and maybe even an M780 (though that may depend on BIOS

Can anyone help? If you also have stick on PC2700/PC3200 1GB Ram that would
be great too!


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