Re: TM 504 Power Module Questions


On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 01:10 PM, sweetbeats wrote:

The rear interface output of the SG 502 will be connected to the rear
interface input of an AA 501A located adjacent to each other in the TM 504
frame. Is it necessary to use coaxial cable for this interconnect, or is it
acceptable to use standard stranded cable?
I used coax but even so the environment back there is so electrically noisy that the THD measured via the backplane is significantly higher than when connected around the front with BNC cables.

Beware that using pins on the righthand module can foul the module when inserted. I connected my SG505 on the left to an AA501 in the middle and an SC504 on the right of a TM515, and everything worked except the SYNC connection, which was shorting on the scope. Removed the pins and soldered the connection straight in and problem solved.


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