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I use Simple Green all the time when giving a rig a bath. It doesn't always get rid of tobacco stench, but if followed by another rinse with ammonia everything smells great. I collect water from my dehumidifier or central air conditioner, filter it, and use it for a final rinse. After removing motors, loudspeakers, and meters, I have never damaged anything in forty years of cleaning rigs this way. I dry everything with several hours in a hotbox heated with a blow dryer blowing hot air through.

    Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 7/15/21 15:10, Gordon Smith wrote:
Hi All,
For cigarette smoke smell and tar removal, I can most enthusiastically recommend Simple Green. My dearly departed wife was a 2 pack a day smoker (Yep, the smoking was the root cause of her passing away) and left our home a smokey mess. After finding out I was allergic to smoke tar (I have always been a non-smoker and having smoke allergies can happen to people who live with smokers or are around tobacco products) I have been slowly decontaminating the home. I have seen smoke/tar covered items literally drip off the smoke/tar from their surfaces after being sprayed with Simple Green. It works far better than soap and water. In the case of electronics, I believe that Simple Green can be slightly corrosive to the components if left on, so a liberal rinse with water and DI water afterwards with internal pots protected from the Simple Green I think would be called for. YMMV. Gordon

On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 10:13 AM, greenboxmaven wrote:
Trisodium phosphate is indeed a good cleaner. It can be difficult to

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