Re: 2445b shelf vents for bottom air intakes - should I?


As long as the scope has its 4 bottom legs intact and the bottom of the scope is separated by that amount from the shelf I'd say its enough. I use my 2465B sitting on top of my 2247A and the exhaust air from the 2465B does not seem to be restricted in the least. Its not like you are going to have a huge amount of airflow at those spots anyhow. I would think the design of those four bottom legs took into account that the scope could be ran while sitting flat on them on a solid surface. I am usually at 27-29 deg C ambient, unless I run the AC, but your mileage may vary.

Furthermore very knowledgeable persons extremely familiar with Tek designs have mentioned in this forum and others many many times that U800 as it is factory mounted is NOT heat sensitive as long as you have a normal airflow inside the scope, and certainly no huge dust accumulation. That is the reason why Tek never installed the planned heatsink after they ran some operational tests and found out it was not needed. I for one just left U800 alone and it works just fine.

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